Vacation with a cause

God presented a vision to the Bouchard family on a trip to Jamaica years ago. Guy, Robyn and their three small children visited an orphanage while on that vacation and a seed was planted.

That seed grew into a dream after Guy & Robyn took their first trip to Africa in 2014. The Bouchards experienced the beauty of Africa, an awe-inspiring safari, and the diverse culture of the African people.

Guy & Robyn had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the local community by feeding needy and hungry children. The idea of significant vacations or “Signification” was born.

On a third trip to Africa, Guy met Sammy and Millie who run an orphanage in Nakuru Kenya. This is when God’s plan became obvious. The orphanage houses 180 children with a separate primary school for 322 children and a new high school.
Guy realized this was “great ground to sew into” and God planted the idea of setting up Significations and building The Hope House. The house will host mission groups, doctors, builders, teachers, families, and friends who would like to experience Kenya and give back during their vacation. A Significant Vacation.

The Hope House is six bedrooms which will sleep up to 20 guests with master bedroom accommodations and bunk bedded rooms. It will also serve as a training ground for students to learn essential skills including gardening, housekeeping, cooking and concierge services.
The proceeds from The Hope House will be used to run the school and children’s home.
Guy has purchased the land and the building is about to begin. “Signification” trips will begin as soon as The Hope House is complete, hopefully by the end of 2017.

Guy’s larger dream is to partner with other Christian charities around the world who are impacting their communities with the goal of global outreach and to send people on the Signification of a lifetime.

Hope House Vision

The hope house will be the fist of its kind. A home in Nakuru Kenya that will be an independent vacation home that will afford travelers of all types to stay and experience the warm hospitality of the Kenyan people. While staying in the hope house, individuals, groups, families and friends can not only partake in an amazing vacation destination with the diverse culture and world class safaris but make the most incredible memories by volunteering. So many ways to get involved from feeding programs at the local dumpsite, to teaching a sport or English at the primary school or get involved with one of the many projects happening at the new high school. However you decide to get involved, you will enjoy coming back to the beautiful Hope house at the end of the day to relax, unwind with a hot shower and a great meal prepared by one of our Hospitality Ambassadors.

The Hope House is currently under construction and will consist of 6 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms and will accommodate groups of up to 18 people. We are still raising funds to complete this project . Please contact us for further information on ways to give or if your group is planning a future trip.

Significations Vision

We will help people realize that there is a new way to be involved with a “mission oriented trip”. A significant trip or as we call it a signification will be volunteer based trips coupled with incredible vacation experiences. Significations will identify charities across the word and will couple those organizations with nice accommodations, great vacation experiences and most importantly, ways to get involved by helping the organization itself. So whether your passion or skill is building something, teaching something, feeding someone, or simply just showing up to be used where needed, being on a signification is a life changing event. Our first signification destination will be the Hope House in Nakuru Kenya. Other Signification destinations will be follow shortly.

Our Foundation

We are a conduit to givers and the people who are in need. Our mission is to identify organizations in need of resources or volunteers and simply connect the two. As of now we have several ways to get involved from our child sponsorship program to sharing information regarding organizations we support to launching our first Vacation Home in Kenya called the Hope House.

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