4GlobalHope is a 5013C Charity established by Guy and Robyn Bouchard who are both co-founders & Lauren Bouchard who is President of 4GH.

4 Global Hope’s mission is to provide resources to organizations who provide and sustain basic human needs and contribute to empowering people to become self-reliant. 4GH will raise capital to build homes, schools, and start businesses across the world. We will seek out opportunities in which our charity will make the largest impact by contributing to solutions to assist people in escaping poverty and bettering their lives.

We believe changing the world starts with the empowering of the individual.

Mission Statement

To better the world  by creating a hopeful future for underprivileged people who need it most around the globe. Our calling is to identify what charities are making the strongest impact both locally and globally, then seeking out the most strategic way to make these charities self-sustaining.

4 Global Hope’s heartbeat is to see a world where charities don’t have to rely on donations to make or break them, where they can take the resources we gave them to become a self-staining charity. We will do this by “ hope homes”, significations, businesses, trainings, and more. Our core belief is to not give a man a fish but to teach him to become a fisherman.

We want to change the way people give and give charities a new beginning where they make a steady income for themselves.

Additional funding is provided by the Bouchard family and their companies. Global Real Estate Services, Inc. will donate $100 per real estate closing and Global Resort Homes will donate $1 per reservation booking to 4GlobalHope. 4GlobalHope is a registered 5013C charity and donations are tax deductible.

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