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Nakuru, Kenya has a large population destitute children living on the streets and in and around the Nakuru dump site. Forty-eight percent of the street population are children under the age of 16 who rely on begging, bartering, selling items they find and offering themselves as cheap labor to survive. We had the opportunity to meet Sammy Omufwoko and Millie Mukami on our trip to Kenya in 2016. Our daughter, Lauren had stayed with them as part of her YWAM Outreach trip in 2015. Sammy and Millie built and run Sure24homes.


Sure24homes consists of an orphanage housing 180 children and a grade school for 380 children including those from the orphanage. The school generates income from a restaurant, water bottling plant and many other businesses to cover the expenses of the ministry. Their next goal is to build a high school (estimated cost $500,000). Children who reside in the orphanage have been rescued from the streets of Nakuru and are cared for, fed and attend school. Sammy and Millie provide education, care and love to the children and have created articulate, educated, healthy kids. The children are given the opportunity to lead a normal life without the fear of hopeless survival endured on the streets. They now have hope for the future. Many of the original residents of the orphanage have gone off to college and return to assist at the school. 4GlobalHope is building a home to donate to Sure24homes. The primary goal of the home is to expose people to Sure24homes while on a charity (?) vacation. We also envision the home being used for medical personnel, teachers, YWAM Outreach and as a vacation rental to generate income for the charity.

Student Sponsorship

Sponsorship of our children is highly personal. Consider making a difference in the lives of one of our precious children. Need to know what it entails. For $XX per month – a student receives xxxxx. Sponsor receives xxxx.

Vacation with a Purpose: “Significations”

We have a vision to create a company which provides charity vacations. Our concept is to offer vacations which are split between charity work and traditional “vacation” leisure time. We have had the opportunity to vacation in Africa and visited beaches, the wine region and went on safari. We also spent our time working closely with a local charity to feed children and help provide safe housing. We would like to build a database of people interested in sharing their skills on a Signification trip. If we are in need of teachers for a school we are building, we can notify teachers to advise of great vacation opportunities near one a charity location. Participants can decide how they would like to divide their trip between charity and vacation. The 4GlobalHope home will be our first Signification location. We will partner with Sure24homes to provide working volunteer opportunities with the life changing event of travel to Africa.

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