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  • High School Students

    Veronica Aleyo Ongoche

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    Child's Name: Veronica Aleyo Ongoche

    Date of Birth: 9/3/1997

    Gender: Male

    Father: Unknown

    Mother: Rebbeca Aleo Mbulimo

    Friends: All the girls at SURE 24

    School Favorite: Math

    Hobbies: Modeling

    Career Dream: Judge

    Child's Background Story:

    Veronica is the first born …

  • High School Students

    Zipporah Mugure

    Child's Name: Graciela Wangu

    Date of Birth: 08/13/2014

    Gender: Femaile

    Father: Unknown

    Mother: Veronicah Kabae

    Friends: Magdaline Wanjiru

    School Favorite: Numbers and Math

    Hobbies: Playing House

    Career Dream: DoctorTeacher

    Child's Background Story:

    Peris is from a family of seven children, her siblings live in sure24 home. Peris dad …