Agnes Atom

Child's Name: Agnes Atom

Date of Birth: 1/4/2003

Gender: Male

Father: Deceased

Mother: Alive

Friends: Janet

School Favorite: Science

Hobbies: Football

Career Dream: Doctor

Child's Background Story:

Agnes is from a family of 4 children , two at sure 24 rehab centre. The mother is alcoholic and remarried after fathers death. The stepfather mistreated children and repeatedly raped Agnes. She told her mother who in turn punished her and this made Agnes run into the street. Agnes is very bright and would like to go back to school to achieve her dream of becoming a doctor. Agnes is now a pupil at Living Fountain Academy in class 7


“Learn to light a candle in the darkest moments of someone’s life. Be the light that helps others see; it is what gives life its deepest significance.”

Roy T. Bennett