Brian Kisorongo

$40.00 / month


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Child's Name: Brian Kisorongo

Date of Birth: 1/1/2002

Gender: Male

Father: Deceased

Mother: Deceased

Friends: Alvin

School Favorite: Reading

Hobbies: Football

Career Dream: Pilot

Child's Background Story:

Brian comes from a family of twelve siblings and they are from the dump site area, after his parents passed away life become tough for him and his siblings and thus he went into the streets where he would eat from the dumps and he really loved school but there was no one to help him enroll back after he dropped out due to lack of finances. Luckily a friend saw his interest in education and thats when they came to Sure24 for assistance Brian is now a pupil at Living fountain Academy in class 4.

Monthly Price: $40.00

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