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Child’s Name: David Muriuki

Date of Birth: 0/0/2003

Gender: Male

Father: Unknown

Mother: Unknown

Friends: John & Alvin

School Favorite: Reading

Hobbies: Baseball

Career Dream: Pilot

Child’s Background Story:

David mum abandoned him together with his brother Joseph when they were still young. David was seven months old when his mother abandoned him at his grandmothers place. The grandmother was living in a rental house before she was displaced during the post election violence in 2007-2008.She ended up in an IDP camp. The granny could no longer afford to feed the children or take them to school for lack of income because she was now depending on the government for relief food. The children (David and his brother Joseph) were almost running to the streets when pastor Sammy intervened and took them to sure 24.They are both very happy and already enrolled in Living Fountain academy in class two. David would like to be a pilot.

Monthly Price: $40.00

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